How To Clean Drain With Home Remedies

There are plenty of problem areas when it comes to one’s home. Even as it is something that gives us great joy, there are also some normal, routine and everyday chores to be performed. There is also the maintenance and problem-solving exercises to go through.


Some of them pertain to the plumbing fixtures in one’s home.

Probably the most common problem that homeowners face is problems with drains. And some of these problems can include:

  1. Stains in the sink
  2. Odors emanating from the drain and
  3. Clogged drains as well.

Regular cleaning of the drain is necessary for hygiene and aesthetic reasons. If you choose to clean drains by yourself, then it is indeed pretty easy because there are plenty of home remedies that work rather effectively.

White vinegar

One of the most common ingredients to be used when it comes to the question of how to clean drain is white vinegar. If you have been cleaning your drains regularly then you do not need more than one cup of white vinegar. You can simply pour this quantity down the drain and refrain from turning on the pipe or faucet for around half an hour. Pour a little bit of hot water after this and let the vinegar take care of the clogs and the stains also.

Store bought products

There are plenty of products available in supermarkets as well. You simply need to pour a certain quantity of this product down the drain and allow it to clean it all off. Some products call for overnight administration. So you can easily do this just before you go to sleep and wake up to a clog free drain next morning.

Hot water

Sometimes, even hot water will do the trick. This is especially useful when the clog is being caused by oily substances. After all, when one washes oily vessels in the sink, the residue or run off can easily get collected in the drain and cause a blockage. Therefore, it becomes simple to pour hot water down the drain and wait for it to clear. Of course, you will have to ensure that your pipes underneath the sink are not made of lightweight plastic which could be damaged because of the hot water.

Baking soda

Another home remedy to use is plain old baking soda. You can pour 1 cup of baking soda into the drain. Wait for a few minutes and then pour around 1 cup of hot water. The baking soda will dissolve in the hot water and also melt the blockage in the drain as well.

Lemon juice and plunger

If the blocked drain is also causing bad odors, then you can squeeze lemon juice concentrate or fresh lemon juice in the drain. You may have to wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour for the lemon juice to do its work. The good old-fashioned sink plunger is also a rather effective tool to clean the drain. You can also use a thin, and sharp or pointed stick to manually clean the drain as well.

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