How To Detect Bathroom Leaks And Repair Them Effectively

When it comes to your house, one of the most important things that you must pay attention to is detecting and fixing leaks of various kinds. If one were to talk about plumbing leaks, then they can take place in various areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. And as far as bathrooms are concerned, some of the areas in which such leaks can develop are:

  1. Any of the faucets
  2. Toilets
  3. Bathtubs
  4. Heater
  5. Shower cubicles and fittings and
  6. Inlet and outlet pipes in general.

It is extremely important to know how to detect bathroom leaks and repair them so you can avoid the following problems:

  1. Wastage of water resource
  2. Higher water bills
  3. Damage to underlying infrastructures such as tiles and walls and
  4. The buildup of mold and fungus.


How to detect leaks?

Normally, you can figure out if there is a leakage of some kind when you see an inordinate spike in your water bill. When your water consumption or usage has been pretty much normal or routine and yet the water bill seems to have gone through the roof or is higher than usual, you can be fairly confident that there is a leak of some kind! You could also call in a water leak detection specialist who will come in equipped with tools, know-how, and technologies that can even detect hidden leakage.

Importance of timely repairs

Regardless of where the leak is taking place if left treated it can cause big damage to the underlying structure as well. For example, if you have a bathroom on the first floor of your house, then you may even be able to detect moisture patches on the roof of the rooms below your bathroom. This simply means that the tiles are getting damaged or the surface of the roof of the room is getting damaged. Therefore, it is extremely important to undertake repair mechanisms quickly.

Calling in the specialist

It is an extremely good idea to call a bathroom specialist as far as detecting and repairing bathroom leaks go. Sometimes, the leak may be behind the wall tiles or underneath the floorboards. This will entail pulling out the tiles and boards. Specialists will be able to carry out this procedure with as minimum invasion as possible.

Of course, it is an extremely good idea to ask them exactly how much their services will cost and how much time they will take. Leading service providers and specialists also give you a guarantee on their work and the products that they have used.

Doing it yourself

There are plenty of resources on the Internet that gives you detailed guidance on detecting and repairing a leak. For instance, if it is a simple leak in your shower or your faucet, you can easily fix the same by applying epoxy putty. Some leak repair mechanisms may also involve the application of grout and silicon caulking.

Thus, detecting and repairing bathroom leaks in as short a timeframe as possible is an extremely good idea so that the problem does not snowball into something bigger.