How to Dye Your Hair?

Normally the hair distribution, growth, texture, color, consistency, etc differs with each and every individual. And these hairstyles also differ with each race and religion.

Yes! The hair is a unique structure in the body that doesn’t match with any other person. But to make your hair more stylish and unique there is always an option to dye your hair.

dye hair

When dying care that you wash hair 24 – 48 hours before dying and pick the color with which you are comfortable.

Protect your home and also yourself from the dye stains by using old clothes or something else. Put a towel around the shoulders and gloves on your hand.

Also, cover hairline, neck, and ears before applying the dye to hair.

How to Dye Hair?

As a first step mix dyes well and then mix the dye with the developer. Perform a hair strand test by painting dye on a quart to half-inch of hair.

Wipe off the dye soon with the help of a wet cloth, once half of the processing time is finished. Re-apply dye in case the color is very light.

Using a comb separate hair into 4 different parts and apply dye to the sections separately. Apply the conditioner and allow it to dry by itself and do not blow dry it.

Set a timer to know the processing time and before it does not expose the hair to a too cold or hot environment.

Once the dye is set, rinse it off and apply conditioner for a full 5 minutes. After four or six weeks, touch up the roots of the hair and apply conditioner to the ends of the hair.

Five minutes before the end of processing time, run a tooth comb through the hair, and rinse the hair as you would do normally.

Follow these steps to get wonderful hair dye and it will look very natural, clean, and quite attractive.

If you want you can try balayage & color with Olaplex which is in trend at present.

If you are really passionate about getting a decent look, its best to take the help of professionals at your nearby hair studio who can make the job easier for you.

And the end results you will getting this way will be just fabulous. That is for sure!