How to Fix Common Plumbing Problems

A problem in plumbing means tension and brings unnecessary discomfort. Learning how to fix the common plumbing problems would resolve most of the issues.


If you have isolation mechanism that would stop water flow to that particular point, then it is well and good. Just close the valve and call a plumber and set arrest the leak.

Or if you have the patience and knowledge, you can yourself arrest the leakage in no time by using some easy techniques.

  • After closing the isolation valve drain the entire water in that segment.
  • Dry out the place thoroughly where the leak had occurred. You can use a dry cloth for this purpose.
  • Mix m-seal in equal proportions in your hand till you feel the heat in your palms.
  • Apply the m-seal in the leaking spot and let it dry.
  • After it dries fully you can even try encircling the place with a rubber sheet to improve the results.

If such a valve is not there you have to either wait for the plumber to arrive to set that right while the leakage would continue resulting in more wastage. In this case you can stop all your activities by closing the water entry to your house and save some water. However calling a reliable plumber such as Thousand Oaks Plumbers can help you a lot in case if you are not able to figure out about what should be done.


Opening a tap and finding no water coming out could be more irritating than you could imagine. Blocks in the supply lines are better served if attended by an experienced plumber. But when it comes to drain lines, you can try these simple steps:

  • Take a long stick and wrap it with clothes to increase the diameter of the tip to exactly match the drain opening.
  • The length of the winding could 10 to 15 centimetres. Secure the winding properly.
  • Place the cloth portion of the stick over the drain opening, press it inside.
  • When it is fully inside the drain pipe, move it up and down.
  • The pulling action creates a partial vacuum in the pipe and as you continue the action, the force created by the vacuum will remove the blockage.

This is how to fix common plumbing problems. Try it to believe it as it is a trusted and tried solution.