How To Install Water Heaters At Home

Your home requires a lot of electrical fixtures on a regular basis. Some of them are:

  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Radiators
  • White goods such as laundry machines, dishwashers and so on.


A few of the fixtures do not really need “installation”. For instance, when you buy a laundry machine, you only have to find a place where there is an inlet and outlet for water and the right kind of electrical supply. However, for the fixtures such as air conditioners and water heaters, there needs to be some amount of installation done.

The question of how to install water heaters at home must begin with the selection of the right kind of device. Typically, you can choose either an electric or gas water heater. You may also like to include the option of solar water heaters. Secondly, there is also tank less and tank water heaters.

Choosing a water heater

This can easily be done by finding out the basics on how to choose a water heater. Largely, this decision will depend on the amount of hot water you will be consuming on an everyday basis. It will also depend on the kind of space you have in which the water heater can be installed. For instance, if you do not have much of space and are keen on keeping your power costs low, then you can easily go in for a tank less water heater which is energy efficient.

Installation of the water heater

Ideally, you should be able to bring in a specialist when it comes to the installation. This way, you can ensure that the job has been professionally executed. More importantly, you can call the professional any time in the future should your water heater develop some kind of problems.

Extra work to be done

Installing any kind of water heater requires both electrical and plumbing work. Therefore, if you are not equipped to carry out the same, then you really should bring in the professionals because otherwise you could end up hurting yourself rather seriously. You may also be required to carry out other tasks such as creating a platform on which the heater can be fixed and then soldering in the inlet and outlet pipes.


Depending on the kind of water heater you are going to install, you may also be required to cater for:

  • High voltage power supply
  • Special flues
  • Exhaust systems
  • Heat exchangers in case of solar water heaters and
  • Other fittings in case your house does not have them.

When left to a professional, such a complex installation becomes easy. He will be able to inform you about the timeframe that will come into play to install the water heater. He will also be able to give you a price quote for the entire project.

Thus, installing a water heater is something that should be ideally left to a professional unless you have extremely competent knowledge about plumbing, electrical and soldering work. You also need to take into account “shock proofing” of the entire system so that there are absolutely no accidents to the users of the water heater.

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