How to Select the Best Implant Size for You?

Until today people were not so open about breast enhancement with their surgeon. If you are thinking about getting a particular size then they can show you the images of after surgery to help you understand better. The procedure involves certain steps, first would be to determine your desired shape; second comes the profile. Shape includes the determination of the actual size such as round or anatomical.

Best Implant Size

Different Shapes

Naturally a woman’s breasts have variant sizes and shapes so the perfect size objective will vary from patient to patient, various sizes are made available. Like mentioned before, different sizes matches different woman some get good results having the round and some with teardrop. Patient body type is also kept in mind to match the breasts precisely so it will not look odd; shapes are determined by the tissues of the patient’s body; the patient gets to decide the incision place.

Round Shape

Shapes are different for every woman but the most popularly opted for is round shape augmentation. When people go for round shape implant it looks like a flat spherical shape. This round shape can make the front projection of the breast a lot better, or it would have been the other way around which would require long base.

Tear Drop Shape

As the name suggest, its shape looks a lot similar to teardrop. It gives woman breast a volumetric projection and looks quite different from round shape breasts. On the other hand, this shape is more costly than the round shape which can be a lookout factor for those with a low budget.


Once you lookout for two shapes of breast implant now comes the texture variants such as smooth and textured. You must be careful while deciding the texture that you need as here are some details- It is hard to determine which one is better, some experiments comes with less complication than the other. Both of the surface shell is composed of saline and gel made of silicone but the area can be smooth or textured.

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