How to stop yelling at kids?

Have you ever yelled on kids and regretted badly for the same? You might have thrown a tantrum and the kid would have gone into the shell refusing to come back. It happens. Now let us see the ways to stop yelling at kids.

yelling at kidsStack the odds: Baby-proof the things or make sure that the things which are not supposed to be taken by the kid is kept far from his/her reach.

Tune in to yourself: Identify the time that you get upset and listen to music, then ask your husband or baby sitter to take care of the child completely during that time and enjoy the music.

Lower your expectation: Expecting a kid to be patient the entire hour when you are on a mall is not practical. Understand the situation and try to adjust with the reality.

Just whisper: This one is very difficult to do but if done, how much ever mad you are, the kid won’t get terrified. You can save your face and the kid will learn politeness from you.

Be strategic: Always give priority to the kid and plan your day based on it. The kitchen vessels can be washed or the stores can be visited after the kid has gone to sleep.

Adopt a mantra: Adopt a mantra that you can chant repeatedly which makes you remember that he / her is only a kid. “She is only 1” can be repeated on your mind when you are about to spill the beans.

Try the big squeeze: For reducing the stress, squeezable toys are available in markets. Who knows, it may work for you too. So buy one and squeeze your stress out.

Get physical: Do some exercises, yoga, go for jogging, jumping, cycling etc. to keep yourself calm and quiet which will help you to stop yelling at kids.

Beat it: If you come to know that you are on your very last nerve and cannot cope up with the kid, leave the baby in a very safe place. Walk out from the environments which trigger your anger and come back when you are back to your senses. Kids are the lamp of a house; let us not throw them into darkness by their favorite one, you, yelling on them.