Increase Your Stroller Storage Space with Little Helper

It is a common practice that mothers take strollers for shopping and stuff things to the baby strollers. There would have been times when you must have thought of having more storage space on your baby stroller.

Little helper is for such moms and is the first universal stroller attachment that help parents with shopping. With increased storage space you can conveniently keep your baby’s things and also the shopped items.

The biggest advantage with little helper is that it is easy to attach to your existing stroller and kids will also have some fun enjoying shopping with moms. The attachments are durable enough and can deal with some of your huge shopping storage requirements.

Little helper is very sleek and hence wont bulge out when attached to your baby stroller. With this new baby stroller attachment you can take a good walk to desired distances with ease and without the need of carrying your heavy shopping bags. Sometimes it is very disturbing and irritating to balance a shopping basket on kid’s stroller or pram and make them tip.

Little helper comes handy in such situations. This universal accessory is safe and very much durable and can be of great help. As it is compact, generic shape and fits almost all brands of strollers or prams push cars it is user friendly and reliable.

You will just need the handle bars and places to attach the Little Helper at the base. With little helper you can actually spend more time with your baby and even take them for long walks and even for shopping.

More information about it is available at kickstarter. Don’t wait and just back this wonderful product to have some wonderful and memorable moments with your little ones.