Innumerable Things to do in San Francisco with Kids

It has always been happy moments to be with the children. When continuous holidays come, they are fond of some outing activities. When the elders start planning for a programme then, the kids mentally start enjoying the same right from that moment.

San Francisco

Plan to satisfy kids’ expectations

Since the kids are of different ages and different educational levels, the plan should comprise of different spots, appealing to each one. Midway, the interest of the elders may also be taken care of. Your plan should by and large give priorities to the following places.

Cable cars

The kids will hasten to occupy the open air cable cars to enjoy the views of hills and other places in San Francisco.

Fisherman’s Wharf

They will jump into the Powel-Hyde car at Powell and Market Streets to head towards Fisherman’s Wharf, enjoying the distant views of San Francisco Bay and also Alcatraz Island. The kids also get scared to see the diving “Bushmen”. They will love to watch the Street Performers like break dances, jazz players and musicians trying to sell CDs alongside Fishermen’s Wharf. Watching those things, they may give rest to their sore legs by sitting and eating the yummiest and freshest seafood from Scoma’s, off Jefferson Street.

Aquatic Beach

Just by walking west along the sand past Fishermen’s Wharf, you will reach a sandy beach called Aquatic Beach to enjoy a delicious picnic. Many people here will be reading and exercising.

Ghirardelli Square

If you require some break, just climb to the Ghirardelli Square; the kids may be hesitant to climb; but tempt them with the chocolate (freely handed out there). They may also be interested to see the process of making the chocolate there.

Ferry Ride across the Bay

The kids will curse you if you do not allow them to undertake a scenic ferry cruise through the Bay. It is comparatively less expensive too.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

This scenic museum is situated in Sausalito just over Golden Gate Bridge. It is nice to have the sweeping view of the bay and also the bridge. Kids can have enjoyable moments in the water flowing through multi level faux rock steam bed. It has interactive exhibits indoors and outdoors, useful for kids of all ages. They may try painting in an art studio or explore fishing boat.

Crissy Field

It is located in the Marine Drive; it stands as one of the best scenic spots along the Bay in San Francisco. This shore line park, sprawling over 100 acres is a restored marshland. You may enjoy bike ridings, have barbecues.

Golden Gate Park

It is a grand park, larger than the Central Park of New York and you will consider it worth spending your majority of the picnic time here.

Cable Car Museum

This museum is highly educative and exciting for kids of all ages. There are cable cars, which turned to be a trade mark of transportation in San Francisco.

San Francisco Municipal Pier/ Pier 39

Just a walk, not even a boating will take you there. On three sides of it, water surrounds. It is sturdy and safe pier constructed out of cement. From here, view the Alcatraz Prison and Golden Gate Bridge.

At Pier 39, the kids will be thrilled to enjoy many free stage shows like jugglers eating the flame and magical items; but ascertain the performing schedule. You may also see playing Sea Lions, if they are there.

Alcatraz Prison

It is situated behind the Pier 39. To visit this prison, tickets are to be purchased either across the counter or even on-line (free for children of 4 years and below). The cost includes a ferry ride. There is one award winning audio tour of the previous federal penitentiary, but this will be interesting unlike other boring ones. There are facilities of taking photos, confining the persons behind the bars. It will take about 3 hours to visit this and the prison and the Rock.

Golden Gate Park

It is a great sanctuary, spreading over 1,017 acres, stretching from Haight to Pacific Ocean. For children, the attractions here are merry go-round at Koret Children’s Quarter, paddle boats at Stowe Lake. Other things include museums and botanical gardens, and Academy of Sciences.

San Francisco Zoo

The six acre petting zoo is abutting the Ocean Beach and is hosting more than 250 species; the endangered snow leopard, grizzly bear and Sumatran tiger are some of the few to name. Gorilla Preserve is special global interest and is one of very few largest habitats of this kind around world. The Primate Discovery Center features 10 species of rare monkeys; Koala Crossing and African Savanna Exhibit.

Yerba Buena Gardens

Zeum in this garden is a terrific forward looking museum for kids, engaging the attention of the kids for about two hours. It has amusing merry-go-round; there is a playground and next to it a Children’s Garden, where performances and free concerts are arranged during summer seasons.

This garden is at a short distance from Moscone Convention Center or Union Square. This consists of a grassy park; it includes a spacious playground, bowling alley and ice skating rink.

Hyde Street Pier

It is a part of Maritime National Historic Park of San Francisco, containing collection of many historic vessels. You may be interest to board on most of the vessels, including the 250 foot long Balclutha 1886.

San Francisco Fire Department Museum

It consists of different attractions, providing historical references and also artifacts.

Musee Mecanique

You may enter into the Musee Mecanique through the gaping mouth of the giant Laughing Sal to have a look at the musical instruments, which are mechanically operated and antique arcade machines. These are the private collections, being the largest in the world. Only here in the world, you can see the steam powered motor cycle; nowhere else. There is also mechanical fortune saying figures.

Outlined above are the many attractions for kids. You may find many more things to do in San Francisco with kids when you are there.

Further, there are many more spots like The Cannery, San Francisco Airport, Berkeley Marina (adjacent to Adventure Playground) for sail boat rides, street performances at Fort Mason Center at Buchanan Street and Marina Boulevard, Modern Art Museum, Chinatown Night Market and other waterfront attractions at San Francisco and around.

Many are priced; many are free either on all days or some days in a month; admission times will be different for different attractions.