Internet Dating – How To Write the Perfect Profile

So many people, when writing their profile, appear to be totally lacking any individual identity. Honesty is essential but sounding like everyone else is not. The main problem with a generic style of profile, is that it is not unique to you. The opportunity is there from the onset, to show what a delight you are and why you would be the perfect person to get to know. This is your chance to shine.

Internet Dating

The Introduction

This is where it all begins so be careful how you word information and remember, professional companies such as Global Personals will monitor all profiles, so keep it polite. For example: ‘gorgeous, beautiful, fun-loving woman (or man!), who enjoys sport’, has all sorts of connotations – not necessarily good ones. Try instead, ‘attractive lady, (man) who loves to laugh – I adore Jim Carey movies. I keep fit by playing tennis regularly’. This gives other people more of an insight, because it describes you perfectly and cannot be misunderstood. Be sure to create a headline that will attract attention.

Your Ideal Partner

Be careful because you could easily discourage someone that you might get on well with, despite them not being Mr or Miss Perfect. Perhaps you prefer someone intelligent, with a good education, then say so. In fact, sites such as Global Personals recommend that you are specific on non-negotiable points. If you are a woman who is not attracted to men with facial hair, or a man who does not like women that wear excessive makeup, then mention this. With regards to a preferred dress code, perhaps put, ‘someone who is just as happy in a smart outfit as a pair of wellies, to show that you are willing to compromise.

Personal Description

Be totally honest about your looks, as sooner or later you will want to meet up with someone you have been chatting with. However there are certain ways of writing a description and dating companies such as Global Personals suggest options such as, ‘I am full-bodied, just like my favourite tipple of red wine’, if you are overweight. If you are of average build, then perhaps describe yourself as ‘in good shape, despite my love of good restaurants’. Both of these tell people something about you personally.

Likes and Dislikes

Here you can tell people things that you like to do, such as the theatre, or perhaps you enjoy all-night clubbing. You are looking for someone who enjoys the same things, so mention as much as possible. If you enjoy long walks in the countryside with your dog, mention your dog’s name, as this again makes it personal to you. Indicate which movies you enjoy and name books that you like to read, for the same reason.

Your Photos

Only use recent photos that are preferably dated. There is nothing more attractive than a nice smiley face, so select this as your principle picture. Also add one or two full-length shots.

Lastly – invite people to send you a mail and promise to reply, as this will encourage contact. After that who knows!