Keep Your Office Clean With These Tips From The Pros

Your office is the face of your company. Probably you have been suspecting it for some time now, but alas now you know it for sure.

As a person with over a decade in the office cleaning business I have met lots of company executives feeling sorry about a deal being circumvent by a dirty lobby or messy office desks.

A clean office not only can be used as an asset to impress clients but it also can inspire and motivate employees to improve their performance.


However, small business owners sometimes even struggle with paying their office rent on time. How can they be able to allocate funds for a professional cleaning company.

In such case you, the business owner, have to take the matter in your hands and make everything possible to keep your office tidy and clean. Otherwise, you risk losing potential customers and even capable employees desiring to work for you.

So, I would like to share with you some ideas on how to keep your office well-maintained, organised and clean without resorting to a professional office cleaning company, which is most of the times very expensive.

Prepare for the Cleaning Supplies Well In Advance

Begin with preparing your office to be self-sufficient in terms of cleaning supplies. It’s a good idea to invest in small, portable vacuum cleaner, too.

If you are worried about which one to buy and where to buy one, you can check Roomba 880 vs 890. These are two most popular models which can save you from lots of cleaning trouble.

Also try to inform your colleagues where they can find everything they will need to wipe their monitors for instance. It is also a good idea to instruct them how to act when they spill something on the floor for example.

Food and Trash Policy

Modern offices have dedicated space for eating. However, when you work in a small office, you can often see a colleague eating at their desk.

It’s wise to discourage such behaviour. Invest in larger office with kitchen or adapt an existing one. It will save you lots of cleaning and troubles along the way.

Distribute The Tasks Among Employees

It’s obvious that one person, even if that is you, won’t be able to keep up their day-to-day work arrangements, develop successful business strategies, communicate with clients and keep the office clean. It’s best to pick an employee and make them responsible.

Of course, you should compensate them for their extra effort and time. Inform everyone that it’s their responsibility to look after the cleanliness of the office as well.