Three Tips for Keeping Your Family Stylish

So many women have Pinterest boards dedicated to family photo shoots and fashion-forward children.

If you think the process behind those photos was effortless, you’re sadly mistaken. In fact, it takes a lot of planning and preparation.

However, with these three tips, you can enjoy the pleasure of keeping your family well-dressed at all times.

1- Plan the wardrobe the night before

This is one of the best ways for you to stay ahead of the curve. If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

If you try to wake up in the morning and create your children’s looks, you’ll run into the issues of sleeping late, toddler tantrums and unexpected tasks.

Set aside thirty minutes each night. Take that time to organize the children’s outfits.

Do the same with yourself. It doesn’t make sense for your children to look stylish without you leading the way. Plus, decision fatigue is a really major concept that people struggle with.

If you’re making a ton of decisions, by the end of the day, your ability to make sound decisions goes down. When the clothes are prepared from the night before, it’s one less decision you’ll have to take care of.

2- Take note of what’s needed in the closet

Whenever you’re pulling the clothes to create the outfits, it’s a good idea to take note of what you’re always reaching for.

If you’re looking for a black turtleneck and don’t have one, this is an item that needs to go on the shopping list. If one of your babies is out of onesies, it’s time to restock.

Always take inventory so that you can know what’s in the closet and what you still need to restock.

3- Have fun with accessories

Don’t be afraid to restock with new accessories on a seasonal basis. In most cases, accessories are the amazing trinkets that jazz up a look.

However, they don’t last long. When you’re purchasing necklaces, bowties and hair bows, it’s okay to purchase inexpensive options.

However, when you’re purchasing shoes like girls mary jane shoes, it’s a good idea to buy quality. You want to make sure your children feel comfortable.