Knowing about the technical features of jaguar cars

Jaguar car closely resembles a sports car with incomparable performance, technical features and reasonable price. The demand for jaguar cars is rising with advent of each day. Currently, more and more people who are into sports performances are into owning these cars in order to enhance their overall sports performances.

jaguar cars

Jaguar cars got introduced during the year 2010. The two seater car where basically based upon hybrid technology. A newer edition of these cars was unleashed in 2013 with few added features and newer technologies.

The concept of the newer sports was powered by four electrified motors that were used to drive on of the wheels of the car. Each single motor was driven by the lithium-ion battery that got charged with the help of two miniature gas turbines and utilized multiple gas propulsions. In this way, the utilization of electric cars came into use.

The four wheel drive was basically projected for having a top speed of 205mph and was capable of travelling up to 70miles only upon its electric wheels. The wheels were required being charged with a domestic power supply of 6 hours.  50kg was the weight of each motor.

One of the important features of these gas turbine systems of the cars was that any kind of fuel could be used for running the car. One could use petrol diesel, LPG, natural gas or bio fuel for the smooth functioning of these cars. A chassis was required being constructed out of the bonded aluminum for enhancing the performance of the vehicle.

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