Liberating from Monstrous Monarchical rule to the free Milieu

Here is a fiction that tells about the monarchical rulers and the status prevailed in the society, which was under the power of monarch for years. The monarchs were highly gross monsters and crass in nature that the people suffered a lot lacking a peaceful life under this nobility. The mass sprouted in this environment never got rid of this threat that their response and their mood became instrumental.

 fictionFear ruled over the mass as all the monarchs who came from time to time were all monstrous. It displays the difficulties of the old people who survived under the monarchical rule to cope with the new regime. Instead of enjoying the freedom they fall into the pit of shock from which most of them are not able to get adjusted with new milieu. But the new generation for whom the nobility was only foreign made the old generation understand that accepting the new milieu was the only way of survival.

This fiction story deals with a girl named Cele, who claimed her rightful authority. Her mother never revealed the truth concerning it before she died. The book tells about how Cele could have saved her mother from the powerful monarchs and assassins who never wanted Cele to claim her rightful powers. If she succeeded in her claims it would put her on the throne to which she had the right. This would be a miracle in the land ruled over by fear.

In the story Cele get engaged in a fantasy journey taking her from her house to a place, which she could never imagine and get united with a family, which is completely strange for her and out of her imagination.