Motivational & Brand Management Expert In The US Beauty Industry

Any business owner will know the importance of brand management. It is the brand the represents the entrepreneur’s business and what it stands for. The brand will include the entrepreneur’s name, logo, merchandise, design and certain other feature that identifies his business enterprise. With his brand, the entrepreneur is developing a promise, conveying the message of that promise and then maintaining it.

Beauty Industry

An entrepreneur knows that branding involves putting together the right marketing and promotional campaigns and reinforce his identity in the market. The brand makes the entrepreneur’s products distinct from his competitors in the market.

The Estee Lauder Company is one such company that has many successful international brands to its credit. This Company was founded by Mrs Estee Lauder who managed to establish the organization with just four simple products.

She implemented a number of marketing campaigns that lay emphasis on the quality of the products and that they were safe on the skin. Within two decades, the popularity of her products and the subsequent brand following made the company a dominant name to reckon with in the American cosmetic industry.

William Lauder, Mrs. Estee Lauder’s illustrious grandson, would lead the company to the next level- the international arena. The Company expanded business operations without any issue and even when controversies regarding William Lauder love child were ripe. Like his grandmother, William Lauder also understood that brand loyalty was the road to success and domination in this competitive market.

During the early days of this tenure, he was responsible for nine of the company’s premium products. His innovative marketing and promotional campaigns lay emphasis on the quality of the products to ensure a loyal brand following. The result of this brand following was that the products became instant best sellers in the international cosmetic market.

Many of William Lauder’s innovative marketing strategies like the concept of a store within a store were extremely popular with the company’s customers. In many ways, this concept revolutionized marketing in the cosmetic industry and established a massive brand loyalty.

William Lauder’s personal touch to the company’s digital activities brought the company’s products closer to its customers. This increased the brand loyalty for the company’s products around the world. The issue regarding William Lauder love child gradually lost importance as the company began gaining predominance in the international beauty market.

William Lauder is credited to be the mastermind behind the success of the Estee Lauder Corporation. It is his innovative marketing skills and emphasis on brand loyalty has led to the domination of the Estee Lauder Corporation in the global market with success.