PLAY SNOW: The Reinvented Igloo

The PLAY SNOW is an up and coming, innovative ice village that parents and children can have fun with this winter. Safe for children ages five to thirteen, this reinvented igloo by Eric Villiard is the Canadian-borne idea of creating and selling an easy to build, safe, ice village for the whole family to enjoy.


About the CreatorEric Villiard loves snow: after all, he is a former skiing athlete in the running of the World Cup, but he is also the father of two young boys. The idea of combining his love of snow, tough Canadian winters, and an exciting and safe play idea for his kids, combined in the creation of PLAY SNOW.

Fun for the Whole Family This idea of creating a rigid and safe igloo structure was conceived and successfully created in prototypes of this festive project. This dream-like ice village structure can not only withstand the weight of snow, but of hundreds of pounds of weight that can cover the igloo.

What makes PLAY SNOW so fun, is that these igloo structures can hold the weight of heavy snow, and the weight of an individual, and keep your kids inside of this play igloo, safe. The PLAY SNOW is perfect for outdoors in the winter time, where your children can experience the fun of having snow ball fights and hiding out in these solid, transparent igloo structures.

Safe and Reliable Your kids no longer have to try and create their own igloos using dangerous methods such as ice blocks, snow barriers, or digging beneath the snow and risking structure collapse. The PLAY SNOW is an easily assembled, solid, and safe igloo structure that your kids will absolutely love when the snow falls and they go outside to play.

They can play in the snow and have fun in their own igloos from the safety of your own lawn, and as a parent, you will not have to worry about it being dangerous or collapsing. This is because the PLAY SNOW structure measures 4 and a half feet in diameter and 4 feet in height, and can withstand over 300 pounds of weight from the top!

Easy Assembly Not only is it easy to assemble once the snow comes down, but it is also easy to dissemble when winter is waning.

Kickstarter You can help fund the PLAY SNOW on Kickstarter, where you can back up and support this project, at

The Kickstarter price points range from an “early bird” price of $179.00 for the first 50 units available and then a price of $249.99 for the rest during the entire campaign!

Click the link above to see additional information on the PLAY SNOW, an animated assembly video that shows you how this innovate igloo is assembled and ready for play in the snow, and you can also back this project and give money to support this exciting and one of a kind invention that will make winter and playing in the snow more imaginative and fun for the whole family!