Plupp: A Savior of the Little

This is a fantastic charity concept of today. The company Plupp is basically a charity search engine built for helping a baby under difficult health circumstances. It has made use of a wonderful concept wherein every search’s revenue is given away as charity.


Their wonderful website provides all the necessary details to those who are interested to be a part of this beautiful organization. You will be surprised to know that the report of Global Action on preterm birth in 2012 created the need for such a movement internationally. As per the report, every year 5 million babies are born very early, one in every 10 babies born are preterm, more than 1 million children born each year die due to preterm birth complications.

Many such babies are disabled for life; preterm birth rate is increasing greatly in all the countries. Every individual can contribute towards prevention of preterm births and providing support to premature babies thus proceeding towards successfully halving the deaths (caused due to preterm births) by 2025, prematurity has become the primary reason for deaths of newborn babies and more than 30 organizations swore to support the prevention of preterm birth and provide complete care to such families. The report clearly showed the necessity of accelerating the prevention of such births.


This charity search engine donates all the money generated from its searches to various foundations that support and work towards lowering preterm baby births and improving the health of every premature baby. It aims at providing all the help to these babies and their families all over the world.

They offer complete support to the baby and its mother during the premature birth and later, donate the money raised from everyday searches to these families, raise awareness among people for supporting this cause of reducing the deaths to half by 2025 and give support to families that faced early child death and still births.

So Plupp shows us what we can do to curb this issue and how important it is to accelerate the process. Let us all join hands and achieve this goal together!