Record the beautiful giggles, smile and laugh of your baby with RECreACTION App

The wondrous technology today have presented numerous amazing inventions to the mankind that its use is creating marvelous moments in their life every other day.

Like a golden feather in the cap of inventions and enjoyment of the people, smart phones are making everything funny, exciting and mirthful to use and enjoy every moment and share with family and friends. Besides adults, kids are more habituated of using the android phones which make them to enjoy cartoons, hilarious videos and everything that brings smiles and joy on their face.


Capture and share in group

If you are looking for the apps which let you capture those moments of your kids enjoying the cartoon and videos on the android phones then we present RECreACTION app which after download as per the suggestion will let you record the witty moments and make a video of it to share with your spouse and friends certainly.

We understand that every parent loves their kids to watch the cartoons and rhythmic music and react to the tunes and enjoy time. It is so memorable to watch such recorded video and share with friends and to record the beautiful moments, you need to know about our app before capturing the facial expressions of the child and enjoy. Make it a crazy video with funny moments as we understand how precious the childhood moments of your child in your life are.

How to use the RECreACTION app?

Our RECreACTION app consists of 3 buttons which are: Play video tutorials, edit videos, main button to begin the recording. Press the main button and choose the time to record the video. You can choose five minutes and set the recording with the

duration of the video to be 5 minutes. After setting the time, exit the screen by pressing the below given icon where your app is sent to the background which you can view with the icon after a beep sound which presents the icon above the screen. Basically, after the beep sound, the recording begins with the front camera. You need to go to the video and click it on keeping the direction of the phone camera in an activated mode and in a proper way to record the facial expressions of the viewer.

Can snapshot the clips of video

Now, you have learnt the way to record the video. After the recording, stop it and view it to enjoy. If you like to edit, then choose from the gallery and click on the one you wish to edit. You have five buttons to use while editing which are snapshot, start, stop, reset and trim. If you like to snap shot a clip, then stop the video and click on the snapshot icon to store the snap in the gallery as the finest moment. You can trim it for 3 seconds and save in the gallery to share with friends and family. It is even good to singers who love to record their voice and listen to correct it with better practice.

Enjoy every giggle, smile and love it

You can make few of the videos and post on YouTube to attract more viewers and let them share with their social media group to let their friends giggle over it and view again and again and enjoy. Besides this, you can record as many videos as you can which depends on you and your excitement to watch the acts of your child in your free time and cherish the moments.

We offer the options which are easy to understand with icons to follow and take the snapshots, including videos and play back the recording without worrying about time as it can be set to record the smart voice and smiles without any hurdle.

Like the priceless moments

We make everything possible as in general, it is tough to record such video with the camera as you can’t most probably which disturbs the child’s enjoyment and may mess the situation. Well, download our app and set the front camera of the smart phone at a proper angle to place it directly to the face and capture the priceless moments more and more. You are going to have a great time with this app and be excited to record every shot of your kids and your spouse while performing funny facial expression without any idea that you are going to have fun with the recorded video.

If you are curious and more interested to know about the application and how to operate it easily by downloading on our smart phone, then you can check all the details by clicking on the below videos.

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