Resume writing tips for moms after a career break

A two week holiday can make a person to feel that things have changed a lot while he/she getting back to work, so there is no wonder why most moms feel a career break as a daunting affair.

career for moms

Of course, a long time off is a time for relaxation however, you have to return to your career with full potential and so, paying attention to your resume is important.

Here we give a few resume writing tips for moms who have taken a career break.

  • Women are suggested to create a ‘functional’ resume after a career break as it will help them list their skills and qualifications instead of concentrating on a chronological list of employers.
  • Think in a positive way about your off-period because you might have gathered some new skills such as multitasking, project management, time management and have improved coping skills.
  • If you had been engaged in some extra activities during your career break, then add those interests in your resume. List your volunteer activities as it will express that you can do multitask while being a mother and home keeper. This will strengthen your potential in an employer’s eyes.
  • Outline your plan of how you managed your off-period in order to express that you can best control the given situation.
  • Before sending out those resumes, make some research. Something significant has occurred or changed your prospective employer’s business, it may be a new operating process or anything else that you need to learn first or has not included in the resume. So, first include those specific qualifications and then send out. This will strengthen your potential.

When you send out the resume, there is no necessary that you must include references from your previous workplace as well as use contacts that you had before taking career break. If you have kept in touch with your networking contacts during your off-period, then you will be able to make an effective list of individuals who can give you references that shows your good character.

Today, women can get professional coaching advice from online experts for their bright career. The online coaching experts can help women concentrate on positive things in life. Hence, women can come up with a good presentable resume. So, look online for expert coaching professionals and find out the most reputed one for your bright career.

Author bio: Meen is a popular freelance article writer who love writing stuffs related to moms and kids. She recommend using for building great resume template for starting your career once again.