Risks Involved While Delaying Pregnancy

A woman is someone who has to face ups and downs throughout her life and her life has always been remained complicated. When a girl is born firstly, she is known as daughter, she grows, studies, then gets married, plays the role of wife and finally becomes mother by giving birth to a child.

pregnancy delay

Becoming mother is the best feeling for any women in this whole world and her life gets rejuvenated from that point of time. But everyone is not blessed by God with same happiness. There are also many women who are not able to face this eternal joy for their whole life because of various reasons.

The inability to conceive biologically is known as infertility. There are many risk factors which lead towards infertility like stress in either of the couple’s life, bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption which reduces the rate of fertility, obesity or overweight reduces the sperm count in males and exposure to harmful chemicals also directs a woman towards infertility.

Some hormonal factors are also reasons of infertility process like ovarian cancer or cysts which enable the women’s ovary to function abnormally, another abnormality observed is anovulation in which a woman is unable to make eggs.

But, the most important mistake that couples make after getting married is that they take the risk of delayed motherhood just to spend quality time with their partners. So, because of this postponement, a woman faces hormonal changes and is not able to conceive accordingly. Hence age should also be kept in mind before planning for a family. The more is the age of man or woman, the more is the chances of infertility.

Overall, a mother should have sound body and should adapt natural ways to give birth to a healthy child.