Santamedical Comes With A Unique Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110

Oximeter is the preferred choice of numerous individuals that wish to measure the capacity of oxygen saturation. Measuring the level of oxygen saturation is especially crucial for personnel associated with different sports. If you are a mountain climber or biker or skier, chances are high that you are looking to measure the capacity of O2 in your blood. Previously, it is almost impossible to measure the same especially when you are on your go. But with the advancement of science and technology, it is just a matter of time to measure the same. All you need is to get a pulse oximeter to get your job done. Even though, you can find this advanced device from different companies, it is better for you to get the same of a reliable brand or company. Santamedical is a trusted name in the industry that provides different advanced devices to check the condition of your health instantly.

Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110Understand the unique features of the device

Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110 of Santamedical gains immense popularity among the individuals. If you are interested to get the same, it is certainly better for you to go through the reviews of the products. This advanced product comes with 4.6 star rating rates. It even comes with a carry case and neck or wrist cord so that you can carry this anywhere. Lightweight, low power consumption, simple operational mode makes the Finger Pulse Oximeter popular choice of countless customers. It includes 2 AAA batteries that allow the device to perform for nearly 30 hours without any interruption.

Weight and display

It shows the accurate result in its LED display screen. Moreover, it is comfortable on the finger. Whether you wish to measure your pulse rate or to measure O2 saturation of your body, you can do it yourself without help of anyone. The net weight of this product is 50 gram even with the weight of the batteries that make it a lucrative choice for mountaineers that are looking for a lightweight device to check their health conditions during trekking. In order to assure the customers of the high quality of the product, the Finger Pulse Oximeter even comes with a warranty of one year.