Taking A Trip By Automobile With Your Cat

Despite distinctions in individual characters, kitties tend to share common characteristics. They scrape and whine at a shut door until you relent and open it up for them, then stand there for a few minutes trying to remember what they wanted. 2nd, they sleep about 16 hours a time – generally between 7 A.M. and 11 P.M. And 3rd, they hate automobile trips.

petsYou’ll inevitably have to take your pet on an automobile trip at a minimum of once during the year. Even if it’s simply to get them to the kitty physician. Here’s a few tips on how to make the journey bearable as possible for you and your finicky feline buddy.

Reduce Stress

Whenever you take your cat in the vehicle, confine the lady to a cat carrier so she doesn’t interfere with your driving. If feasible, use a seatbelt to secure the provider, or at minimum spot the carrier on the car flooring where it’s much more stable.

Whenever you uproot your cat from her favorite napping area and confine her to the cat carrier she undoubtedly will protest with plaintive cries – and if she’s truly ticked off, may give a hiss or two. Attempt to give automobile trips pleasant endings to make yearly jaunts to the veterinarian better for both of you.

Do not forget to reward your feline friend with additional petting and  treats. This approach may assist to reduce your cat’s fear of automobile trips. Perhaps she’ll also begin to enjoy them.

There are lots of comfortable cat bedding and carriers available to make the journey as comfortable as possible see some here.

Longer Trips

For lengthy trips, do not forget to take your cat’s litter package, additional litter, water, scoopers and food bowls and toys. Some kitties have upset stomachs whenever they consume strange water, therefore you might wish to take some water from house.

Beware, some kitties suffer feline kinds of movement illness, including vomiting and diarrhea. And if they’re experiencing upset, the signs might be also even worse.

Take Plenty Of Breaks

Provide your pet meals and water and access to the litter tray at stops. But don’t be concerned if your tabby rejects your kindhearted offers of water and treats.

Many kitties won’t get rid of or consume any food until they reach their nighttime location. Simply be certain to feed and water your cat and allow the girl utilize the litter package whenever you stop taking a trip for the time.