Teacup Yorkies – A Amazing Dog To Own

There are so many breeds of dogs available in the market for domestication purpose. Few are huge in size and few are tiny in stature. A few are highly colored with shiny appearance and a few are dark in color with bright eyes.

Teacup YorkiesDepending upon one’s interest, they can get their suitable dog and can domesticate accordingly.

According to a statistical report in case of the favorite dog of most humans, the rank holds high for the dogs which appears cute and tiny in nature.

Even in human psychology, it is true that most people love and like to own the dogs which are cute and tiny in appearance.

Generally the teacup yorkies weigh 1.80 kgs to 3.20 kgs. The teacup yorkies are initially noticed in the early 19th century in the city Yorkshire, England. If the teacup yorkie stood silent for few seconds without any movement, then it will appear as a real doll.

That much cute innocent look the teacup yorkie has. As it is tiny in structure, people don’t bother to carry it anywhere. People even like to carry it while travelling in the flight as it can easily fit into a small box or hand bag. The other major attractive point with teacup yorkie is that it does not take much time to tame. It is highly intelligent and observative, so that it will be tamed easily by teaching for few minutes.

The teacup yorkies cost little higher than other popular dog breeds. So consider picking up a good and unique dog names for them as these are different from others. Most of the people like to have the teacup yorkie in their home as it is a good companion and it also needs to be fed little only.

When a dog is looking so smart, tiny, innocent, needs very less diet to live and obeys immediately to the owner’s commands, then it is not amazing that surely everyone will go for owning such type of dogs only.