Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit Review

With lots of pulse massager and ten units available in the market it becomes difficult for every customer to shortlist the best one. Amongst wide range of handheld pulse massager Tens Handheld Pulse Massager Unit is an excellent muscle stimulator and immediate pain reliever.

Tens Massager

What Types Of Features Does This Model Have?

The pulse massager at the first glance looks stylish and sleek. The massager looks slim to hold and light weight.

The model has a glossy finish and comes with 6 massaging modes designated to relieve muscles from the different parts of the body that includes:

  • Joint
  • Shoulder
  • Hand and foot
  • Sole
  • Waist
  • Repeat

These massager modes are known as auto procedures. They are programmed with the set of pulsing intensity and the speed values that can be changed when you set the unit in the functioning mode. These controls are pre-set so all you have to do is press the button and get started your massage on the specific part of the body.

The unit has a three massager styles and those are:

  • Beat
  • Massage
  • Knead

The tens massager unit lets you adjust the pulsing signal intensity as well as speed. The device has a LCD screen displays that indicates:

  • How high are the intensity of both the channels
  • The amount of battery left
  • Which massage mode did you set the unit; this will show a human diagram on the LCD screen and will pinpoint the area where the device is working on.
  • How much time is left for the massage sessions that you are on

The reviews are positive, that what it suggests. The device is popular amongst the other pulse massagers. Though it is smaller in size and light in weight it provides optimum benefits to the different parts of the body. There are thousands of customers who claimed that the unit treated them well and has provided value for their money.

Speaking about the number of reviews, there has been a lot of electrical emitting pain relief devices, but this stands exclusive of them all. It has amazing working functionality and it treat and relieves you from the acute pain.

Based on the customer’s reviews the product is hit, and most importantly it comes in affordable price range. Overall it is a nice unit if you are looking for the stress relieving and muscle pain problems.