The Perfect Gifts for Your Mom this Mother’s Day

Even though the weather might not seem like it, April is here, and so is springtime. Mother’s day approaches. If you still do not have a present for your Mum, and you have lost all your hopes that you are about to come up with something nice and fairly original, we are here to help you.


  1. Flower Bouquet

Of course, you can never go wrong with flowers, and they usually accompany the main gift that you got. You can get her a larger arrangement, full of different mother’s day flowers like roses, lilacs, carnations, and tulips, but you could also go the other way and get a simple lilybouquet.

  1. Flowers For Keeps

If you get her flowers, it does not have to be a bouquet that lasts only for a week. You can get her something she can plant, water, and have for years, but then do not forget to buy her an interesting pot for her garden or a terrace. You can even create one yourself, and make it more personal, even if you are not that handy at arts and crafts. All you need to know is how to do decoupage, and you can personalize just about any flower pot.

  1. The New Age

It might seem quite unconventional, but your mom might need a new mobile phone or a laptop, and if you are old enough, with your own paycheck, maybe you could afford her one. Also if you know that she needs a new appliance in the kitchen, you could get your Mum a blender or a coffee maker, for a good start of any day.


  1. Coffee Mug

But what better way to start a day but with warm coffee in a favorite mug. Get a mug designed with some pattern you know she will love – dots, stripes, or florals, but you can also have one made in a gift shop. So if you are creative and can think of a poem, or even a funny text, you could make the presentboth personal and original.

  1. Home Décor

Like all women, your mom must love for her home to be well decorated, to feel warm and welcoming. That is why you can never go wrong if you get her something to fit with the surroundings, like pillows with different prints and texts dedicated to her, or even a picture frame, holding a photograph of the two of you.

  1. From the Bottom of my Heart

It sounds like such a cliché to get jewelry for a woman, but it can still be unique if you know what your Mum like. You could go so far as to get her a necklaceconsisting of two pieces – a large heart for her to wear, and a smaller heart carved out of it, for you to wear.


  1. Wine and a Glass

Another slightlyunconventional idea would be to give your parents alcohol, but a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away, so why not get Mum a good bottle of a fine vintage. Even better, you could arrive to her house on Mother’s Day with the bottle and a pair of good wine glasses, and celebrate with class.

  1. A Card

Last, but not least important, do not forget to get your mother a card along with the gift. Also, dedicate some time to be creative and make one yourself, or at least write something original and personal in it, rather than buying the premade ones available in any store or truck stop.

Take a little time to think, get the most important woman in your life the present she truly deserves.