Tips for Making More Girl Friends in College

In essence, college is where young people go to experiment with social norms and learn how to behave with peers in social situations.

The following is a short and simple guide that will provide you with some helpful suggestions on how to make girlfriends successfully in college:

Tip #1. Pick up some extracurricular activities and join clubs on campus

This is a great way to make girlfriends because it will introduce you to people who share your interests, passions and hobbies. These are people you can bounce ideas off of and form new ideas with. These are the people that will inspire you, help you and encourage you in your social and academic endeavors alike. After all, that is what friends are for in the first place, right?

Tip #2. Join a sports team

Yet another great way to meet people who share your interests, skills and passions. These people are the ones that will guide you along your path and help you reach your goals- whatever they may be. Plus, like in high school, the jocks are the most popular people, which is another great benefit when it comes down to making girlfriends.

Tip #3. Attend school events

Go to sports games, see free movies on the campus green, go to the orientation events, attend lectures and concerts and everything else that is going on or near campus. College offers tons of opportunities to go out and meet new people, but the impetus is on you to put yourself out there first. Then, and only then, will you start to make new friends and comrades in arms.

Tip #4. Go to parties

It is o.k. to party, but just make sure to not go overboard. If it gets in the way of school, then avoid it. Otherwise, have fun and meet people!

Tip #5. Enhance your personality

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