Tips in Bleaching Velvet Fabric

Velvet has been used millenniums ago by many cultures and ages. It was such an expensive fabric that symbolized power, wealth and prestige. It is characterized by pile weave which provides it a rich appearance that is linked to royalty.

Velvet Fabric2

In these modern times, new manufacturing methods have made velvet fabric affordable. It is not only for the elite but also for daily clothing and house decorating.

Even though you can afford this fabric, you still need to care for it to maintain its beauty and texture and one of the ways of beautifying and caring for it is through bleaching.

When you bleach velvet, this shall present new colors. It shall also give the fabric a rustic texture. The character and softness of velvet will be further enhanced. Bleaching shall also provide patterns and design to the fabric through twisting while it is being dyed.

The types of velvet which effectively react to bleaching are the ones based on cotton. Those made of polyester have chemicals which defy the dying process. Every time you bleach velvet, it gives different results thus it is important to be flexible when you do this project, and just appreciate and enjoy the end result.

To start the bleaching process, go to an area that is well-ventilated. Make sure to cover all the surfaces you will work on with plastic sheets. Have on rubber gloves and a smock while bleaching. Have a couple of buckets filled with water, another bucket with vinegar and another one with bleach.

Place your fabric in the bleach-filled bucket till you get the color you want. Use a stick to stir so that all of the fabric is covered with bleach. Get the fabric out of this bucket using your stick or tongs. Wash your velvet in the bucket with water. Remove the fabric from the water and place this in your bucket with vinegar. Allow this to stay for five to ten minutes. The fabric will no longer change to another color with the vinegar.

Place your velvet in the other bucket filled with water and then allow drying by laying it out on a clean ground. Afterwards, rinse and dry your velvet following the regular care instructions indicated on this fabric.

Once more, always read the care directions indicated on the fabric. If it is just for dry cleaning, you cannot bleach it. Remember that bleach is a dangerous chemical so you should use it with care. Always heed the warnings on the container of the bleach.

Velvet can be easily destroyed and it requires special care for its beauty to be maintained. Use dry cleaning product or mild solvent that is water-free to spot-clean. You can use a brush with soft bristles like a hairbrush for babies to clean it. Although this fabric reacts well when you dry clean it, you should still read the recommendations of the manufacturer on the label.   Do not iron this fabric and again, never get it wet.

These are the tips in bleaching velvet fabric.