Toddler Halloween Costumes: The SuperME Backpack

Every child yearns to receive the recognition that a superhero earns everyday and parents try to creatively deliver a standing ovation for all their child’s accomplishments. How about a little extra with the next applause? Something like, letting your little one salute his or her team mates with his or her very own superhero attire.


The SuperME backpack is a versatile and functional backpack with a cape, superhero mask and a personalized patch that give your children the superpowers they have always wanted. Or at least grant them with the belief that they can accomplish anything.

With Halloween approaching, parents and their children are putting a lot of thought into costume ideas. You’ve probably brought up spiderman or batman but neither have made the cut.

Because the SuperME backpack comes with an attached cape your rising star can show up to a Halloween party as a distinguished superhero.

The recognition from his peers for having such a unique costume will make the SuperME back the greatest superhero gift that you will ever give your toddler.

The versatility of SuperME backpack allows it to be worn not only as a costume, it also a safely holds the candy received on Halloween right beneath the cape. Sometimes, parents too can become superheroes. Purchase a SuperME backpack for each member of the family and help each other carry Halloween goodies within the insulating backpacks. You can personalize the patch with family initials!

The most rewarding part of gifting the SuperME backpack to your toddler is that they won’t have to put it away when Halloween is over. The SuperME backpack comes with a pocket where the cape and eye-mask can be hidden throughout the school day. The ring of the afternoon bell will be his or her que to pull the cape out and put the mask on, transforming into the greatest superhero of all time in seconds.

So instead of having your bundle of looking like a scary villain, get him or her a SuperMe backpack and make him a superhero.