Trick or Treat: 5 Tips to Make Your Online Dating Experience Fun filled and Safe

It is a jungle out there no matter whether you are single or divorced, or just recovering from your heart wrenching break up. There always happens to be someone out there for you. So buckle up ladies! There is absolutely no need to think chocolates, wine, and a purring cat are your only companions. You are destined for Greek Gods! Well your personalized versions of them at least. All it needs is a little bit of mascara, a flashy smile, and playing yourself. It is actually easy when you have a person right in front of you but when it comes to online dating everything is more complicated and confusing.

dating experienceTo help you out, here are the few points to keep in mind when you go out there hoping for some treat.

Don’t just look for treat at one place: No one wants a cold steak for the fact that it looks dull and tastes bad. It is important that you join more than just one dating community. This way you stay fresh and new everywhere. You can keep on visiting various circles from time to time. One such good community would be which has features ranging from quality face to face chat to group conversions absolutely free.

Put on your best costume:If you want the best, then put your best foot forward. Ace your online profile. Your username is the most important aspect of your profile, so make it catchy. Never include your real name or initials. Your description should not be too lengthy, which should be maximum 200 words. Be narrative, instead of saying you like to read. You could say I liked xyz book. It gives a clearer picture of who you are.

Don’t Beg: This means do not come out as a needy person. You can sound you enjoy talking to the other person but should never sound desperate for him. In fact keep your neediness almost at the bay for a very long time.Let him make the first move to start a conversation at times. Be patient. It always pays in the end.

Read the tell tale signs: One should never go looking for treat in a creepy, isolated house, which looks even a tiny bit alarming from outside. The same goes in online dating too. If the guy’s profile seems shady or the description is too short, it means he is hiding something or if a guy says something like, “I hate drama”, it generally implicates he has lots of it already. Also the words pleasurable, intimacy coming up again and again are never a good sign.

Make your target list:Shortlist the best profiles of all. You can’t go dating one guy at a time as it is going be really slow and not worth your money as most of these websites have registration fee involved. Also at this rate you will be left dating online for quite a long period of time before you actually get to meet your guy. Therefore make an offline list and go have some fun.

The above mentioned tips if followed smartly can really fetch you the right guy you have been waiting for and who knows, you might get lucky and have the fairytale ending you always wanted.

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James Harris is a relationship advisor and suggests taking best benefits of online dating option these days. He personally recommends, one of the happening communities now, that may help you trace your soul mate.