Use the Symptoms of Ovulation to Plan Pregnancy

Ovulation is a natural process of the human body, noticed in females which results in the release of the ovum from the follicle. This period is the second phase of the menstrual cycle that women undergo every month.

Stomach pain during early pregnancy

The period before ovulation is considered to extremely fertile and doctors around the world consider it to be the best time to have sex if the couple plans to have a baby.

Women are also most fertile during this period and the urge for sexual intercourse is also very high in the female body.

Ovulation is directly related to pregnancy and the period 4-5 days before ovulation will yield the maximum success if the woman wishes to get pregnant. The concept behind this is the fact that the male sperm can survive in the human body much longer than the female egg.

When the sperm enters the female body, it gets the right temperature to survive and look for an egg. One can never be sure of the exact time of ovulation.

Thus having sex 4-5 days before the ovulation will increase the chances of the sperm meeting the egg and fertilizing it. The best time for sex ends about 24 hours after the ovulation as the egg can survive for only that long in the body.

Thus women tend to have a watch on their ovulation period and can approximately predict the day or the week of the ovulation and couple planning a family can try to get the best possible results by having sex during this period.

Some symptoms of ovulation are as stated below:

The Cervical fluid tends to change: The fluid secreted by the cervix is generally sticky and water-less, but during ovulation, the cervix starts secreting a fluid or mucus that is more watery and less sticky. It is very easy to notice the difference and can be a great indicator of ovulation in a woman.

Abdominal pain and uneasiness: This can be another natural indicator that will give the woman a rough idea about the status of her ovulation. This symptom is common and is seen in almost all women during the ovulation period.

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