Use Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children and Keep your Kids in Safe Mode

Cases of children straying, kidnapping and trafficking are witnessing an extreme boom. Earlier, there used to be no room for tracking your child if he got lost. However, with Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children, you can keep every single detail regarding your child`s move. The device is specifically invented to enhance the safety of children.

Wearable Tracking BeaconIf you have a child then you can completely understand that how painful and terrifying it is if he gets lost or strayed. Being a parent, you will make every possible efforts so as to secure your child`s life.

Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children is meant to get you rid from all such worries.

The handy tracking device works wonders as soon as your child wears it. The digital life saving device is just for $5 and is readily available at Indiegogo for Pre Order. It is water proof and can be worn by your little child all 24 hours a day.

As per various reports, it has been noted that around 2000 children get strayed each day. The Lineable: Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children is just one click away from you. It is affordable, easy to use, sustainable, and easy to wear. The device is something that children can flaunt as a part of their routine dress. It is absolutely normal in look and cannot be made out by criminal or kidnappers as a source of safety.

The little device just weighs around .50z. The coverage range of the device tends to expand invariably as numbers of app users enhances. The device works without batteries or any sort of charging. It is absolutely resistant from dust and water attack. The device uses 4.0 Bluetooth technologies in order to work properly. The latest feature of the Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children ensures that you eliminate all possible range limits that maximum Bluetooth trackers tend to face.