Weight Loss After A Relaxing Weekend Or Vacation

Majority people have a strong determination to stick to their diet and exercise regimen during the entire week. However, they eagerly wait for the weekends to relax and treat themselves with various things including delicious foods. Splurging on unhealthy foods during the weekend will thwart your weight loss efforts you put in during the entire week. You may not realize that weekend can wreck your diet.

weight lossAccording to research studies, the amount of calories consumed rapidly increases during the weekends. Adults consume alcohol and carbohydrate rich foods, leading to weight gain. Since the amount of calories consumed is more and physical activity is nil, weight gain occurs during the weekends, the study found.

Calories Consumed During Weekends Vs Calories Consumed During Weekdays

We tend to consume more amounts of calories during weekends by dining in restaurants and having alcoholic beverages that are laden with high calorie content. Desserts like chocolates, ice creams and cakes are on top of the menu in our weekend eating plans. Keeping track of calories consumed each day is vital to weight loss. Every calorie we consume matters and it can have a great impact on weight loss goals.

Weekend is a time when weight gain happens; this was found by a study in America. The study divided people into two groups and both the groups followed a regular diet, exercise regimen. However, one group indulged in binge eating during weekends, while the other group kept away from overindulging on unhealthy foods during weekends. The group that consumed large amounts of calories during weekends gained weight, devastating efforts of the entire week to lose weight.

As such there are lots of ways such as weight loss retreats in Phuket that can help you lose your gained fat. About a 30 minute exercise that can be any activity like gardening, tennis, dance, etc can help a lot. Even if your activity consists of just walking, it would have a good effect on visceral fat. If you exercise regularly it will help you lose as little as 5 to 10 pounds or could even cut about 2-4 inches and therefore it can make a big difference to your appearance.

Overeating During Holidays Leads To Obesity

Vacation is the perfect time to sit back, relax, have mouth-watering treats and sip cocktails. However, do you ever realize that by relaxing and having unhealthy foods, you could be prone to obesity? Gorging on delicious treats during the holiday season can result in expanding waistlines; this was found in a new study. Obesity is a major problem affecting several people due to unhealthy eating habits. Foods prepared during festivals like New Year and Thanksgiving are laden with high calories. Here are a few tips that will help you stay fit and healthy during the holiday season.

Ways to keep weekend weight gain at bay

  • Fill up your kitchen drawers and refrigerator with healthy foods like nuts, fruits and other low-calorie snacks.
  • Avoid skipping meals and when dining outside opt for healthy foods. Fill up your plate with salads, vegetables and fruits first. Go in for other meals later.
  • Getting bored at home alone? Indulge in some fun filled activities like dancing, gardening etc to avoid boredom. Staying all alone during weekends can make you overeat.
  • Keep track of calories consumed and steer clear of alcoholic beverages. Keep away from drinks having high sugar content.
  • Exercise during weekend to avoid weight gain. Prepare a workout schedule or indulge in household chores, a perfect way to shed those unwanted pounds.

The basic reason why people want to lose weight is to look good and attractive. You cannot argue with the fact that flat abs looks sexy, and a bulging belly can spoil your appearance. But not just to look good, being overweight is the root cause of many health problems and disorders so you need to keep yourself fit and slim. Just continue to stick to your diet and exercise plans even during the weekends or after the relaxing vacations and you will be able to successfully accomplish your weight loss goals.

Weight loss is typically accomplished through changes in diet and exercise. Yoga is an easy way to help you relax. When you practice yoga, you bring a deep sense of relaxation to your body and your mind. As you relax, you begin to ease the stress in your life and weight loss will begin to happen naturally. Spine Guide has information on yoga for weight loss.