What Are the Benefits of Art Development Skills on the Brain Activity of A Child

Children always love watching the colorful things that is around them, from the time they start differentiating objects. This passion will become stronger when they grow up and hence, you can find kids writing or doing something on the walls, newspapers, books, sheets, etc, every time they get their hands on a pen or pencil or even a crayon.


Anatomy of Brain

Human brain consists of two different parts. The left hemisphere is the main core where thought processing, analytical development, logical thinking, etc, will be carried out. This is the actual part that works on storing the knowledge that you avail throughout your studying years. The right hemisphere is the part that plays a key role in the other aspect such as emotional perception, creativity, intuition, etc. When your child starts learning to draw, this is the part of the brain that plays its role.

Schools automatically help your child develop the activity on the left hemisphere by making them study and learn more things. However, the right hemisphere will be neglected since some schools only focus on studies, education, bright future, etc. However, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to enhance the development of complete brain parts of your child.

Benefits from Extracurricular Activities

Drawing, creating arts, painting, etc, has many benefits for kids. These activities help your child to.

  • Process the world around them
  • Express their feelings, thoughts, ideas, etc
  • Try and bring out the creative ideas anytime, anyplace and anywhere.
  • Develop excellent motor skills
  • Interact with the people around them
  • Try something creative every time, even though the result is an abstract design
  • Open up its creativity world and try coming up something new all the time.

If you watch closely, you will notice that your child will not use the same color all the way, when it has many options. This is the skill that describes analyzing and interpretation capacity of the brain cells.

  • By discarding preconceptions, kids observe the world around them carefully and then use their own creativity to bring out something which is quite unique.

Children enjoy being involved in the art classes. Here, they will learn about being open to the debate about their art, instead of being angry and all frustrated if someone does not approve their art. Art classes help them to boldly produce their ideas and also to be open for suggestions that can help them improve their skills.


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