What Three Important Questions You Should Ask To Your Windshield Repair Service Provider

The car windshield repair and replacement industry is growing at a rapid pace and in the past few years, this industry has only grown by leaps and bounds since people realize how the chipped windshields of their car can be a safety hazard. Today, it is not difficult to find a well equipped auto windshield repair shop in your vicinity. However, getting your chipped windshield repaired from a reliable and a reputed store is much important. There are some fundamental things to be factored in before you approach a repair shop. When you look for windshield repair Houston service provider, here are some of the things you should be checking for.


What installation warranty is the service provider giving you?

Majority of the reliable windshield repair Houston shops will be giving some kind of guarantee or assurance on the quality of their services done for the car. This will apply to the installation of the windshield and does not necessarily guarantee against any kind of damage done to the glass through a hard impact caused by a rock or some other solid object or other defects from the manufacturer’s end. The installation guarantee usually covers problems like air or water leaks happening in the windshield seal or when the moldings have detached or peeled off. There are some firms who provide a lifetime warranty assuring the quality of their windshield replacement or repair services. If you know that your car has water or air leaks emanating from windshield seal or if you notice the moldings have peeled back or detached, then a reputed windshield repair company will be doing the damage repair work free of cost as long as they have installed the windshield in your car and given you a warranty for it.

Are they giving warranty on the glass?

Most of the reputed windshield repair shops will also be offering limited period manufacturer’s warranty against air bubbles, chips, pits, lamination defects and other such problems happening to the glass that have developed from the manufacturer’s end. Thus, you should be enquiring what is exactly covered and within how much time can the problem be reported. Most of the defects originating from the manufacturer’s end will surface shortly after installation or during installation itself. Majority of the company allow a time period of complete 60 days from the installation date for their clients to complain about manufacturer’s defects and accordingly, they will offer a no-charge, complete replacement when any such defects are reported.

Does the firm offer a warranty against any other kind of damage?

This is also an important question to ask to the windshield repair Houston service provider. Some of the companies, though not all, will be offering some sort of warranty for other kinds of damage that have not originated from the manufacturer’s end. This might include damage to the glass owing to rocks found on road, theft, vandalism etc. For the windshield repair, majority of the firms also give an unlimited warranty against all kinds of damage except for manufacturer’s defects.