When do babies start teething?

It is commonly seen that new parents are very curious about the teething of their kid. They really want to keep a check if the teething process has started or not. Commonly teething starts in the 8th month of kids but science suggest that teething can occur between seven to twelve months.

babies start teething

First comes the lower front teeth and then the upper front teeth follow them. It is natural that when the child attains the age of 3, he or she might have almost 20 prime teeth.

In many cases it is seen that teething pattern of the baby is similar to that of its parents but this is not true every time.

When do babies start teething is a most common question asked by parents? So, if you are also a new parent and have this same question in mind then you now have the answer to it.

Babies usually gain teeth in pairs. So, first the lower two in the middle comes and then comes the two on the upper middle portion. In some cases, the pattern may even get reversed.

Now if we check out the teething pattern which is common among babies, then we will notice that first comes the lower incisors in the central part and it appears in almost 6 months. Following it comes the upper incisors in the center in approx. 8 months. After these two have appeared, both lower and upper lateral incisors come in around 10 months.

After all the incisors have appeared, the first molars come in near about 14 months which are followed by canines in approx. 18 months. Lastly you see the secondary molars which appear in around 24 months.

There are many symptoms which most of the babies show when they go through teething process. Chomping, drooling, puffed gums, ear pulling, fussiness and intake disturbance are some of the most common to name few.

So, if you see any of such things in your baby then there is nothing to worry about but you can be sure that the teething process has started and your child will very soon gain beautiful and shiny teeth.

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