Why Choose Natural Cosmetics?

If you’re like many women, you’re worried about the nature of the ingredients in your cosmetics. It makes perfect health sense to only use cosmetics that are produced with safe ingredients. Yet how do you know that the compounds in your cosmetics are, indeed, toxin free and safe for you to use long term? The best way to ensure that you’re using safe cosmetics that are free of toxins is to use natural cosmetics made with ingredients right from nature.

Natural CosmeticsWhat Does “All Natural” Mean?

When you use cosmetic products that list all-natural ingredients, you have the peace of mind of knowing that each ingredient is naturally produced–“not chemically or synthetically made.” (1) In most cases, plant or flower extracts are used. Some cosmetics may even contain elements from the sea. Many of the natural ingredients used to make today’s all-natural cosmetics have long histories and have been used by women as beauty agents since ancient times.

Natural Cosmetics Are Safe

Not only do natural cosmetics work great, but they are safe to use. These cosmetics are hypo-allergenic and won’t lead to uncomfortable rashes. Products with natural ingredients tend to be easier on your skin and aren’t likely to cause uncomfortable itching. In addition, many natural ingredients may actually soothe your skin. For instance, the melt pool of your soy candle “can be used as a skin moisturizer and help remedy dry or irritated areas.”


Natural products and ingredients are frequently less expensive to use than many cosmetics that employ synthetic or chemical ingredients. For example, you can purchase an entire aloe vera plant for about $5 where indoor plants are sold and a small tube of lotion that contains some aloe vera extract for about the same price. Not only will the plant last longer, using the aloe straight from the plant provides far more nourishment for your skin minus the chemical or synthetic additives of the lotion. Similarly, using soy as a natural moisturizer after it has pooled from your soy candle is an equally effective and inexpensive option.

If you haven’t tried using natural ingredients or all-natural cosmetics, you should give it a try. Not only do these cosmetics work great, they are also inexpensive and safe.


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