Why Should You Install Family Locator App In Your Phone?

These days, it has become absolutely necessary that you keep tracking of your family members. In fact, if there is some friends that you care about then you might also want to keep track of your friends so that you can ensure that they are safe.

This simple Funa family locator app can help you to ensure that your family members and friends are safe.


There are so many things that you would be able to do with this app and here I am sharing with you some possibilities of this application that will make this app important part of your family security applications.

1) Invite Family Or Friends To Funa: Funa family locator app is offering you a place where you can invite your friends and family so that they can connect with you. This is quite a simple task to do but there are so many advantages that you will get with simple step of inviting your friends and family.

2) Accept Invitation: You or your friends need to accept the invitation of tracking which makes it complete safe and secure in the measure of tracking. You don’t need to worry about privacy compromise because your privacy will always be perfectly intact. Location and other sharable details will be only shared with the accepted contact groups of the applications.

3) Track Locations: When your Funa family locator app is installed and when you have added friends and family to your application then you would be able to connect with your contacts directly via application. You would be able to see exactly where your contacts are in the present time. You will see all your family member and friends in this app with real time location tracking advantage.