Why Use a Birthing Pool?

The La Bassine Birth Pool was designed by CarinePouypoudat in 2004, after she experienced a water birth at hospital and wanted to emulate the same type of birth at home with her second child. She was unsatisfied with the quality of birth pools in hospitals and wanted to create her own version. “A friend working in the inflatable industry helped me to design and create my own special cocoon for labour and birth.”

Birthing PoolIt is imperative that your baby be born in the most comfortable and stable environment possible. That’s why the Pro Pool was planned with midwives and hospitals in mind, so it is useful for multiple uses in a hospital or at home. It is made to the highest standard possible, ones that either meet, or exceed all European Union safety checks, and no other birthing pool is manufactured to the same standard as this.

The Pro version of the birth pool is also made of PVC, which makes it 30% sturdier than the regular pool.

The pool really is for everyone, from mother who want a more intimate and private birth at home, to father, who would like to watch first hand as their baby is brought into the world, and finally midwives, who are able to attend to the mother with ease and step away from her if she wishes to carry out the birth with more control over the birth.

La Bassine consists of a cocoon shaped appearance to give the family and personal space with plenty of room to move around if necessary. The colour of deep blue was chosen to enhance the relaxation of the mother, and perhaps the father, and to increase the sense on privacy. Most pools have a flat base which everything sits on, which can mean a hard seat if a standard pool is placed on a hard surface, but with the La Bassine Pro Birthing Pool comes and inflated floor to deliver much more comfort during labour. The depth of the pool was designed so that it can fully cover the mother’s belly if need be, but never feels too deep so that it makes you feel uncomfortable or insecure about the environment, which is essential for first timers.

“…in June 2005 La Bassine was officially launched in the UK and was rapidly acclaimed by birth professionals and more importantly by parents themselves.” CarinePouypoudat has now had her fourth child. In the La Bassine Pro Pool.

To buy your birthing pool, visit http://www.madeinwater.co.uk/