Develop Communication Skills In Your Toddler

New born children develop their communications skills too early, so the first six months are very crucial for them as well as for their parents. If during these months, they are not able to develop their speech and language skills then there are chances of them becoming deaf and dumb.

Communication Skills In Toddler


Communicating with kids not only involve reading to them but use of signs, symbols, making gestures to them, making different sounds to them are all parts of communication.

As it is said, children learn the language from the people who surround him by observing their actions and listening to them, so when you are constantly communicating with your kid and try to talk to them or babble them, it grasp their attention and helps them in developing their interactive skills.

The first step to improve speech and language skills in your child is to sing for your tot.

The catchy tunes and rhyming words attracts their interest towards your lips and makes them dance with your song, thereby improving their motor skills. For increasing their communicative skills, you should teach your child to read.

Reading to them day and night is the best solution for encouraging their literary skills at young age and thereby introducing them with the habit of reading. As soon as you indulge yourself in reading story to them, they will soon be able to associate words with the speech at early stage.

Enhancing speech and language skills does not deal only with reading, rather make your toddler active by asking him to speak new words in front of mirror, work on his muscles to pronounce the words more appropriately  and also play with them games like puzzles, scavenger hunt, etc. which allow them to explore new words and phrases. Try these with your kids so as to improve their speech and language skills.