Healthy, Active Playtime Keeps Families Connected – Invest In A Jungle Gym For Your Kids

From the first moment you saw your child, you wanted the best for them. However, life was sure simpler when your baby was merely a small bundle to carry around and care for. Now that your child is older, your influence is needed more than ever. They are at a pivotal time where forming healthy habits is absolutely paramount. We all know how alluring the computer and television are to children because we were children once ourselves.

While there are times when it can be relaxing to sit in front of the computer or television, physical exercise is vital, too. As your child gets older, they begin to assert their independence. Now is the time to engage them in fun, healthy play so they can begin to seek it out themselves.


Climbing is one of the first activities that any child loves. After learning how to walk, they’ll climb on the furniture, stairs and any other placethey can think of. Remember the first day you took your child to the park? A jungle gym helps them to strengthen their young muscles.Even a one-year-old is delighted when they climb the stairs of a safe slide, squealing as they swoop down, only to beg for another supervised trip back up.

Swingsets are also a classic childhood staple for good reason. Swinging your infant in a protected seat offers a happy time that will only grow more entertaining as they develop enough muscles to swing back and forth themselves. (Perhaps with a forceful push or two from you.) Think of all the ways in which your child plays.

All of these activities can lead to healthy development in their ability to stretch, receive aerobic exercise andstrengthen their muscles exercise and bones. As your child gets older, healthy play should also stimulate their imagination. A walk through the forest or a day playing on a jungle gym can lead to whole new imaginary worlds. Encourage them as much as possible to get creative.

It can be difficult to encourage your child to get outside and play. Outdoor jungle gyms can be a godsend since the park is in your very own backyard. By working with a great play manufacturer, you can dream up a system that grows with your child’s changing motor and activity skills. It can expand to include a ropes system, bridges and even an outdoor basketball net.

If you’re searching for a reputable play manufacturer with the best selection of outdoor basketball equipment, consider the Canadian company Play Rainbow. This local brand is known for their safety-proofed, expansive selection of jungle gyms and basketball nets that everyone of all ages can enjoy. It also comes with a full warranty and can be customized with whatever add-ons your child can dream of.

It’s time to be a good example for your child and play with them. By constructing a play system of your wildest imagination, you can create long-lasting memories for your entire family. If you want them to step away from the television and computer, a state-of-the-art jungle gym is a pretty good incentive. Just remember to catch them at the bottom of the slide.